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5 Must Have Boating Accessories That Will Not Break The Bank!

Aug 7, 2020 | Other Articles

When it comes to being out on the water, it pays to be prepared.  Our technicians are out there every day seeing the latest in marine technology when it comes to the top must have boating accessories, every time they install a new SeaPen or FloatBricks dock. Every boat owner wants to fit out their boat perfectly, whether it’s a tinny for their own pleasure, or a bigger toy for the whole family.   They all are trying to make sure it is perfectly kitted out with the best boating accessories before heading out on the water.  There is no doubt about it though, fitting out your boat to perfection can generate one of the longest lists of accessories and leave you scratching your head where to even begin! So, how do you determine which boating accessories are the ones you have to have now, and which boating accessories are the ones that can wait just a tiny little bit longer? Well, it will always depend on the type of boat you have and of course, how you use it will play a big contributing factor in choosing the best boating accessories to suit you and your boat. Our techs are always sharing with us their latest cool finds and think these are 5 must have boat accessories (in no particular order) that you really can’t overlook right now.  Check them out below and let us know what you can’t live without on your boat!

1) Waterproof sound system

We need to be playing all our favourite tunes out on the water and the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is really worth looking at when it comes to music on the water! Featuring 360 degree sound, allowing you to play your favourite music without distortion in a small, portable manner and is ideal for playing your favourite songs when you’re outdoors. Using Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to connect to your device wirelessly, it comes in a compact, round size, making it easy to take on the go, plus has a great hook for hanging ensuring it won’t fall or roll around. It has a battery life of up to 13 hours, with a quick recharge time of only 2.6 hours via usb. Best of all it has an IP67 dust-proof and water-proof rating, meaning that it can be submerged in 1 m of water for up to 30 minutes long.  Perfect for an odd crashing wave or dropping when you disembark. We love the small size and great range of colours and you really should hear this thing! The sound is fantastic! Available almost everywhere, it retails for about $129AUS

2) First aid kit

Nothing can ruin a trip more than when the unexpected happens.  Carrying a specified portable first aid kit is compulsory under Australian Maritime Law and we have found the perfect fit to ensure you are always prepared out on the water.  The St Johns Ambulance G Scale First Aid kit is your perfect boating first aid kit.  They also have every other first aid kit for boating you may potentially need!  Check out their website here. Wondering about what should be in your onboard first aid kit? Here’s the link and a quick overview! Your boats first aid kit must be:

  • Located adjacent to the Master’s accommodation, or in the wheelhouse. In small partly open vessels, the kit must be stowed so as to protect it from incoming spray and weather.
  • Stored in a weather-tight, portable case of a non-corrosive material of suitable strength and size to accommodate the first aid stores. It should be fastened securely with quick-release closures.
  • Labelled FIRST AID on the lid and at least 2 sides for quick identification. The storage location of the kit must be clearly identified with an appropriate sign or sticker.
  • Cleaned and checked every 3 months.

3) Portable cocktail blender

We really don’t need to say much here do we?  It’s easy to load the beers onto to the boat but what about the ladies? I mean; sun, sand and the ocean lapping against your hull kind of screams cocktails so we know they will be ecstatic when you pull this awesome little blender out! It really is your perfect boating accessory to keep the girls happy as far as we are concerned. Cocktails out on the boat? Yes please! Now we could talk more about the blender or you could just go and get one and then head here to Delicious for our favourite go to Margarita recipe… Trust us!  They will love it! Sounds like a fantastic day out on the water to us! PS you’re welcome!

4) Dry bags

Here are two of our favourite dry bags you NEED to add to your must have boating accessories list. We don’t know anyone in our office who has not dropped a phone or something valuable in the water.  We are notorious for it! That is why we love the Over Board phone case.  Not only does it keep our phone dry, but we can still use it!  It’s clear screen still allows the phone to be touch sensitive so we can read messages, answer calls and use our apps.  And at under $40AUS we love it! Over Board also cover you for your larger items too with their Floating dry bag.  This bag is the bomb!  It’s bright making it highly visible and it floats!  Coming in a variety of styles and sizes you can fill it with your clean clothes, valuables and other items you want to keep dry and simply seal with enough air in the bag and should it go overboard, all your belongings are dry and safe and within arm’s reach.

5) Floating keys

Let’s just say if you are prone to dropping your phone in the water then you need one of these too… No more eye rolls from the wife and at under $10 they are a no brainer! RWB Bloating Keyring: Davis Key Buoy:   So, there you have it!  Some of our favourite Top 5 must have boating accessories you need to help make your time out on the water Less work! And more fun! Let us know what your favourite boating accessories are and we will add them to our next list!   Disclosure: The links provided in this blog are NOT affiliate links. DOCKPRO or any of its staff will be NOT be paid a commission if you use these links to make a purchase.  This blog is written for general information and entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon as expert advice.  We reserve our right to change our mind at any time.

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