How to dry dock a boat when you don’t want or can’t install a boat lift.

Sep 9, 2021 | Boat Docks, Boat Lifts, Boating Tips

Like you, it was a question we asked ourselves many times over and what led us to come up with SeaPen, an innovative dry-docking solution at water level.


So, why do we (as boat owners) need to dry-dock our boats?

Dry-docking a boat is when a vessel is taken out of the water for maintenance (usually to the service yard). By taking your boat out of the water, you expose all submerged portions of the hull so the boat can be cleaned and inspected. This is an integral part of maintaining a vessel and ensuring it is free from marine and barnacle growth which can damage and slow down your watercraft.

Unfortunately, a part of this maintenance process can be antifouling. Many boat owners veer away from antifouling due to its toxic nature. Boat lifts are a proven and reliable way to dry dock your boat and avoid antifouling, but they also have their own set of disadvantages.  These include:

  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing solution for both you and your neighbours.
  • Location, height and visual restrictions can prohibit use in some areas
  • Self-maintenance for boat owners can be dangerous
  • On average, boat lifts can be the most expensive of all the dry-docking solutions


SeaPen, the ideal alternative to traditional boat lifts

That’s where SeaPen innovative dry-docking solution comes in.  SeaPen keeps your hull free from marine growth without lifting your boat out of the water. As a result, SeaPen leaves you more time on the water and less time for costly maintenance.

Winning the 2019 Miami Innovation awards, the patented SeaPen dry dock system was recognised as the best way to park your boat in the water, keeping your hull dry and your scenic view intact.  The SeaPen drive-on dry-docking system can be tied to any fixed or floating dock, making it perfect for waterfront living.

The Miami International Boat Show is recognised as one of the largest boat shows in the international boat show circuit. With over 17 years of manufacturing, research and development, DOCKPRO was the first dry-docking company in the world to win the award. This win set the SeaPen dry-docking system apart as one of the most innovative dry-docking solutions available for recreational vessels.

You can install SeaPen almost anywhere. With the many benefits and adaptability SeaPen offers, marinas and apartment associations are moving to it as the ideal dry dock alternative to traditional boat lifts.

The high-density polyethylene frame sits at water level, allowing you to dry dock your boat by simply driving on and off with the press of a remote control. Your boat glides onto the breathable, marine-grade rope net, which allows water to drain away from your boat onto a growth-resistant liner.  Our Smart-Pump System detects the presence of water and automatically pumps it out and away from your hull, leaving it dry at water level in no time. No permanently installed boat lift is needed! Just the most ingenious dry-docking system around! With a sturdy frame, you can add the optional aluminium walkways for ease of 360-degree access, helping you easily walk around the whole boat for cleaning, inspections, and repairs.

Dry docking your boat in a SeaPen could not be easier!  No more worrying about damaging your boat during the docking process either because SeaPen makes it a stress-free process!  Plus, there’s a SeaPen for almost every size and type of boat, from centre-consoles, pontoon boats and jet boats to yachts ranging from 13 to 65 feet.


What if SeaPen doesn’t suit your location?

Discover FloatBricks! The smartest modular docking system in Australia.  FloatBricks are perfect for jet skis, small boat docks or floating platforms and walkways and designed for you to be out on the water in seconds. You can park multiple crafts on the same dock or simply add or reconfigure bricks as needed.

FloatBricks also come with a five-year manufacturer warranty and are commercially certified and affordable. You can read more about FloatBricks here.


Still, think a boat lift is the best option for your location?

DOCKPRO are the proud distributors for Golden and Sunstream Boat Lifts who offer a range of boat lifts to suit different boats and locations. These options include 4 Post Lifts, Float Lifts, Elevator Lifts and the SunLift by Sunstream.

The SunLift combines powerful hydraulic technology, durable components and sophisticated engineering to deliver a fast and reliable lifting and launching experience for your boat or personal watercraft.


If you would like to know more about SeaPen and other innovative ways to dry dock your boat or PWC, contact the DOCKPRO sales team, who can answer all your questions or click here to request a quote today!

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