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Is my boat really out of the water?

Sea Pen features a special polymer skin that isolates your boat from the water surrounding. Our patented Rope Mesh technology creates an air space all the way around the hull and running gear of your boat. Yes, your boat is out of the water when dry-docked in a Sea Pen.

Never Antifoul Again. Ever.

Can I flush my motors in the Sea Pen?


Keeping your motor performing in top condition is vital to you and in order to do this,, it’s best to flush your motor after each use. This process is easy in a Sea Pen; you can either attach flushing muffs or better still, you can part-fill the Sea Pen with fresh water until it’s above the motor intakes and then simply idle the motor in neutral.

Never Antifoul Again. Ever.

Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Antifouling is a product intended to inhibit marine growth and is formulated with toxic copper, organotin compounds, or other biocides. Antifouling doesn’t stop marine growth from occurring in the long-term and decreases your boats performance when applied.

Futhertmore, it has to be removed and re-applied on a regular basis. All this leads to a significant outlay of time and money with few benefits that improve your boating lifestyle

Sea Pen is the market leading alternative. By dry-docking your boat at water level in a Sea Pen, you eliminate the risk of marine growth occurring on your boat. This allows you to keep gel-coated boat at water level, without fear of it being damaged by marine life.

Sea Pen’s advanced dry-docking technology, means every time you take your boat out it will perform like new with a growth-free hull for maximum efficiency. Not antifouling your boat will also help maintain the boat’s market resale value


Never Antifoul Again. Ever.

Can I walk on the Sea Pen?

Can I walk on the Sea Pen?

Whilst you should always take care walking on a water-bound object, the Sea Pen has been designed to support your weight. You can walk on the frame, skin & rope mesh providing you take care.

What does the green rope mesh do?

What does the green rope mesh do?

Sea Pen’s patented rope mesh is crucial to the dry-docking process and serves 3 primary functions.

1. It creates an air gap between the hull of the boat and the skin of the Sea Pen – the crucial ventilation stage in the dry-docking process.

2. It protects the Sea Pen skin from the sharp points of the boat; propellers, trim-tabs etc.

3. It gives the Sea Pen structural strength, with a breaking strain of 76,000 kg per square metre.

Dockpro SeaPen special mesh rope

How long has the Sea Pen been around?

How long has the Sea Pen been around?

The first Sea Pen prototypes were installed in the mid 1990’s and full-time production commenced in 2004. Since then, over 1,500 Sea Pens have been installed across Australia and the rest of the world.

Dockpro SeaPen about us

The first Sea Pen installed for a customer in the mid 90’s

What maintenance is required?

What maintenance is required?

There is very little maintenance involved with the Sea Pen. The key points are:

1. Rinse fresh water through the Sea Pen. Every time you rinse down your boat, it will rinse fresh water through the Sea Pen

2. There is a sacrificial anode attached to the Sea Pen bilge system that needs checking and periodically replacing.

Can a SeaPen cause Osmosis?

The primary purpose of the SeaPen Dry Docking product is to prevent marine growth and reduce maintenance of the Vessel’s surfaces that would otherwise normally be under water.

The SeaPen does NOT cause osmosis or profess to prevent osmosis.  Fibreglass used in boat manufacturing is not necessarily waterproof and osmosis is due to water/moisture penetrating the hull. There are inexpensive epoxy coatings that will seal the hull and  make it waterproof if concerned.

Can my SeaPen be insured?

With all these storms around its important for you to know that SeaPen’s can be insured. Most major insurers list them as an accessory to the boat. Contact us on 07) 5580 4465 if you need help locating your serial number to insure your SeaPen.