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Why Choose a SeaPen over a Boat Lift?

Ease of use, safety and aesthetics are some reasons why our clients prefer the Sea Pen to Boat Lifts. Read on to find out more.

Safe & Simple to dock your boat

DOCKPRO SeaPen Dry Dock

Unlike a Boat Lift, SeaPen is designed to dry-dock your boat at water level.

SeaPen makes docking your boat really easy and controlled. For boat owners who operate their boat single-handed or with children on board, SeaPen simplifies and adds extra control to the process of berthing your boat.

No stress – just let the SeaPen guide you in, then you can casually and safely disembark to tie up your mooring lines.

Minimal impact on Aesthetics

You will hardly notice your Sea Pen is there.

Because the SeaPen dry-docks your boat at water level, it will not impact on your waterfront views.

SeaPen is lower profile than a boat lift and fits neatly around your boat at water level so your waterfront view is as aesthetically pleasing as ever.

Load your boat when it is docked

DOCKPRO SeaPen Rescue Boat Dock, boatlift, dry dock

Your gunnel is always at the right height above water.

Because your boat is always at water-level when dry-docked in a SeaPen, our customers find it very easy to load people and their gear onto the boat.

Because your boat is not being lifted, it is always at the right height for easy access.