Jet ski storage and maintenance tips

Nov 3, 2021 | Boating Tips, Floatbricks, Jetski Docks

One of the best parts of summer is bringing out your Jet Ski for max fun out on the water. But a jet ski needs a lot of love and attention to keep it running at peak performance.

If you are new to owning a PWC (personal watercraft) or you’re recently back in the game,

we think everyone needs to know how to maintain their PWC to keep it in tip-top shape and running like a dream all summer long!

The first and probably the most important thing to know is how to maintain and clean your PWC.  Keeping it clean and well maintained will ensure your watercraft will last for years to come.

That is why we have put together some steps on jet ski storage and maintenance, so whether you have been riding in fresh or saltwater, you can complete these steps regularly to ensure your PWC lasts the distance!

  1. Get your PWC out of the water.  This move might be onto a trailer or floating docking system.
  2. Check for damage or look for anything out-of-place, broken or missing.  Next, have a quick visual inspection inside the engine bay for any excess water, oil or fuel leaks.
  3. Remove as many accessories as possible, including removable seats and covers, to access the engine and other mechanical components. Next, open the hood and storage areas accessing as much of the craft as possible to ensure you remove and clean all traces of saltwater from every crevice.
  4. Remove bungs and open bung plugs allowing water to drain efficiently from the craft or compartments. This step also allows any build-up of sand, dirt or debris to drain with the plugs open. Note, you should leave the plugs open until you next use your jet ski to ensure ventilation while in storage.
  5. Use a hose to spray down the entire craft, inside and out. Don’t be afraid to clean the engine and electrical components, as they are designed to be water-resistant and should never be left with saltwater. (Allow sufficient time for your engine components to cool before spraying with a hose – approximately 15-20mins should be adequate.) Ensure that no water enters the air intake, fuel breather or coils. It’s important to note not to use high pressure.
  6. Ensure you clean beneath the fuel tank, coupler and motor, as the siphon bilge can become blocked easily. Also, clean the supercharger belt and pulley, if any. Finally, spray an anti-corrosion product on the engine and electrical parts.

Once the body of the craft has been cleaned, clean underneath accessories such as the tubs and seats. Cleaning here will remove any salt and sand that quickly collects in these areas.

Clean out the area around the pump in the back as well as the intake area.  Salt can quickly build up here and lead to corrosion. Don’t also forget to give your life jackets a good clean and hang them out to dry.  There is nothing worse than putting on a cold, wet and smelly life jacket before a ride!

  1. Flush your motors following the manufacturers’ specifications found in your owner manual. Avoid water entering inside the engine. Ensure you follow these steps in the proper order:
  • Plug the hose
  • Turn on the engine
  • Turn on the water
  • Leave the engine on for a few minutes, refer to the manual as it can vary depending on the brand and model
  • Turn off the water
  • Turn of the engine.

If the engine is not on while you flush, the water can go inside the engine and cause serious damage. Failure to do this can mean putting your PWC at risk for rust and corrosion of the internal systems, wreaking havoc across your entire PWC.

  1. Once you’ve finished cleaning and have rinsed everything down with clean water, dry the PWC off with a microfiber cloth. Any remaining water inside the craft can be removed with a pump if needed.
  2. When you are ready to use your jet ski again, make sure you do the following BEFORE your jet ski is in the water:
    • Close bung plugs
    • Check fluid levels
    • Start your engine and turn it off immediately (It is best to check the engine starts before you’re in the water as battery problems are common even on a brand new jet ski.

This is general advice, don’t forget to consult your PWC manual to locate all these areas as each craft varies slightly.

How you store your jet ski is essential to keep it in good condition for future usage. When not in use, it is best to store your jet ski out of the water.

If you live on or near the water, leaving your PWC submerged in water will lead to a build-up of marine growth, rust and corrosion.  Storm season can see wild weather, and jet skis can be thrashed about easily, crashing against docks, slammed into shore or having lines break.


So what is the best safe jet ski storage option that offers the best protection against the elements and greater security of your craft?

Well, apart from removing it entirely from the water and storing it in a garage or other storage facility, the best jet ski storage option would be a floating dock.

Floating jet ski docks are simple, convenient options.  Not only do they allow you to store your jet ski out of the water – on the water, avoiding those long waits at the busy boat ramps, but they also allow you to enter and exit the water effortlessly. So easy to use, you simply drive onto the dock and then step off. Floating docks such a FloatBricks also come with locking cables and storage cubes, meaning you can store your covers and other accessories easily.


At DOCKPRO, it is our mission to Make Boating Easy! We know you want to look after your jet ski to ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.  We also know that upkeep and maintenance are essential.  By installing FloatBricks, you can store your jet ski or be out on the water in seconds.

  • Keep your boat or jet ski out of the water
  • Perform all maintenance operations right on the dock, including flushing
  • Park multiple crafts on the same dock
  • Simply add or reconfigure bricks as needed
  • FloatBricks come with a five-year manufacturer warranty
  • Commercially certified and affordable

Our innovative system keeps your PWC entirely out of the water – ON THE WATER! FloatBricks allow you to easily add more bricks for extra docking space or reconfigure as your needs change. In addition, our unique storage brick enables you to store items like your cover and ropes while you’re out on the water.

FloatBricks are entirely modular and offer extended access, making cleaning your jet ski a breeze, and our stabilisation system means your dock will not sag or bow over time, keeping your hull well clear of the water.

Want to know more? You can head to our website or contact our team for more information.

Huge thanks to the team at Pro Jetski Gold Coast, who helped us with this blog.

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