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Modular Docking Systems – All you need to know about FloatBricks.

Feb 12, 2021 | Boat Docks, Boating Tips, Floatbricks, Jetski Docks

FloatBricks are a versatile, easy to install, affordable modular docking system that is perfect for most docking situations. It’s no wonder that FloatBricks is one of our most popular docking solutions at DOCKPRO and that’s why we are taking an in-depth look at one of the most popular choices for modular floating docks around!

FloatBricks are a “no brainer.” Completely customisable to suit your needs and your budget, FloatBricks have been designed with an anti-slip tread on their surface to maximise traction and minimise risk whether for domestic, industrial or commercial uses.

FloatBricks modular docking systems are perfect for personal watercrafts and boats up to 6 metres and have been designed with a high freeboard, keeping the critical parts of your boat well clear of the water. Completely modular, Floatbricks allow you to easily extend or reconfigure your drive-on modular dock as your needs change. So, whether it’s time for the kids to have their first tinny or you’re adding a new toy to the collection, you can easily dry-dock it in a new drive-on parking space next door to your current vessel with FloatBricks.

Floatbricks have been designed to keep your jet skis and smaller vessels, completely out of the water. For larger vessels up to around 1,500kg we use our unique stabilisation system.  Designed under stringent standards for our harsh Australian conditions, your modular dock won’t bow or sag over time, keeping your boat well clear of the water and in turn, keeping maintenance low without the need to ever antifoul.

Always flexible, Floatbricks allow you to easily add additional bricks for extra docking space when and where you need with customisable configurations. While our unique storage brick allows you to store items such as your jet ski cover, ropes and other items safely while you are out on the water.

For safety, Floatbricks is the only way to go with our NO GAPS design, an important consideration for safety and structural reasons. We believe leaving gaps can compromise the structural integrity of your modular dock which can not only end with leaving your watercraft sitting in the water in a very short space of time, but also compromises the safety of not only you but your family and your friends. Gaps are known to create trip hazards or worse, open the potential to falls which can leave you disorientated under water and pose a very serious drowning risk.⠀

FloatBricks modular docking systems can be used for industrial and commercial uses as well as small, and large-scale recreational projects.

Whether it’s walkways, floating structures alongside fixed jetties or to help move machinery across a body of water, FloatBricks come with a safety compliance certification for all components including the bricks, making them perfect for industrial applications. As an added safety measure, Floatbricks offer a fully integrated handrail system for peace of mind or health and safety compliance. Our experienced team can guide you on the best ways to utilise FloatBricks for your project.

Our no gap bricks really are the perfect choice in modular docking systems,  giving you full walkable access to get on and off in a jiffy and access all sides of your PWC or boat for cleaning and maintenance. Our sales team can advise you on the perfect configuration to suit your floating project so call us today!  We are ready to answer all your questions and help you design the best floating modular dock on the block!

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