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SeaPen vs Anti Foul

Why Choose SeaPen Over Anti-Fouling

Anti-Foul is a toxic substance used to “protect” your boat from barnacles and growth.

The truth is, barnacles start growing on the hull within a few months of anti-foul treatment; this is why you need to keep repeating anti-foul treatment year after year.

However, if you think that anti-fouling is a good thing, think again. There are so many reasons why there is currently a global movement to stop anti-fouling.

 Anti-Foul Does Not Protect Your Boat

Have you watched anti-foul being applied to a boat? The hull is sanded back and a thick black substance (anti-foul) is then applied.

Your shiny new hull is now permanently scarred! Trying to sell a boat is a lot harder when there is existing damage. Unlike anti-foul, SeaPen keeps your boat out of the water, completely stopping any need for anti-fouling or scraping barnacles off the hull. SeaPen protects your boat.

Anti-Foul Is Poison For The Environment

Did you buy a boat to go fishing? Then no doubt keeping the waterways healthy is important to you. Anti-foul is toxic to the environment. The toxicity of  the chemicals in anti-foul and destroys fish, coral, plants and more. Click here for information from the World Wild Fund For Nature (WWF) on the damage caused by anti-foul .

There Is A Sea Pen For Every Size Vessel

If you have been thinking anti-foul treatment is the only option for your vessel think again. There is a Sea Pen available for your vessel, no matter what the size. We have installed Sea Pens for Monohulls, Catamarans, Deep Keel Yachts, Shaft Drive boats. They range in size from 5.0m to 30.0m. Click here to view the SeaPen Gallery.

SeaPen never anti foul again

Why Choose Sea Pen

  • Anti-foul slows down your motor. SeaPen does not.
  • Anti-foul drags and causes your boat to lose speed. SeaPen does not.
  • Anti-foul damages the hull. SeaPen protects the hull.
  • Anti-foul needs to be repeated. Buy your SeaPen once.
  • Anti foul wears off. SeaPen retains its value.
  • You will still get barnacles with anti-foul. No more barnacles with SeaPen.