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Jump on & GO!
Be out on the water enjoying your Boat in seconds.
High Freeboard
Keeps the critical parts well clear of the water.
Add extra space
Have more than one craft? Simply add extra docking space as you need.
Modular Design
Simply add or reposition bricks as needed for ultimate design flexibility..

These stylish FloatBricks docks allow you to drive on and off in seconds, making it super easy to get out and have fun on your boat.

Safety first, our no gap system will keep you and your family safe. Systems with gaps leave gaping holes for you or your children to fall into with potentially serious consequences.

NO GAPS is also really important for structural reasons – leaving gaps compromises the structural integrity of your boat and ends up leaving your watercraft sitting in the water in a short space of time. Not what you want!

  • The high freeboard keeps your boat completely out of the water.
  • Our stabilisation systems mean your dock will not sag or bow over time and keeps your boat well clear of the water.
  • Modular Design gives you flexibility – you can easily add more bricks for extra docking space.
  • STORAGE – our unique ‘storage brick’ allows you to easily store items like ropes while you are out on the water.
  • All backed by a five year DOCKPRO manufacturers warranty.
  • Commercially certified.

What Size Dry Dock Suits You?

We have FloatBricks Modular docks systems for Boats that range from 4 metres up to 6 metres.

FloatBricks U 400

FloatBricks U-400

Small Tinny? The FloatBricks U-400 is perfect for dry-docking smaller craft. Need to keep your kids’ boat safely out of the water? Help your kids keep their first boat in top condition with a small boat dock from DOCKPRO. These Australian-designed and manufactured small boat docking systems are ideal for securing your tinny on a floating dry dock at water level.

U-400 Jet Ski Dock

FloatBricks U 450

FloatBricks U-450

4.5m Tinny for fishing? The U-450 is the perfect dry-dock for Australia’s most popular boat size, the average tinny is seen on most Australian waterways, from Sydney Harbour to Queensland’s Gold Coast canals or Peel Inlet in WA. Get out on the water more often.Launch your boat in seconds and spend more time enjoying your day out on the water, rather than wrestling with your vessel at the local boat ramp.

FloatBricks U-450

FloatBricks U 500

FloatBricks U-500

Got something a bit bigger? The U-500 dry-docks boats up to 5m long, which is ideal for keelboats, motorboats and powerboats. Look after your small pleasure boats without needing to worry about constantly applying antifouling agents and below water-level maintenance. The U-500 from DOCKPRO keeps your boat dry docked, but at water level for easy access to the water. Easy to launch and easy to dock even for a slightly larger boat, the U-500 is ideal for Australian boat owners who want to spend more time enjoying their boat, rather than cleaning it.

Boat Dock, Floatbricks

FloatBricks U-600T

FloatBricks U-600

We have a flexible range of floating Dry-Docks for boats up to 1300kg / 6M. These dry-docks are ideal for larger Tinnies and small runabouts. Custom dock options for multiple vessels.

Looking for something else?

Docks for boats over 6 Metres / 18 feet

Our comprehensive range of docking systems suits much bigger boats these – is your boat bigger than 6 Metres / 18 feet? Check out SeaPen – Advanced Dry-Docking Technology for boats up to 30 Metres.

Docks for boats over 6 Metres
Boat Dry-Docking & Anti-Fouling Alternatives