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Water Level Dry-Docking for Boats over 6 Metres

A SeaPen is the only way of dry-docking your boat at water level, without raising the boat above surface of the water without a boat lift, keeping it in pristine condition, with a hull that’s free of marine growth.

Dockpro SeaPen special mesh rope

Optimum Air Space for a hull that can breathe.

SeaPen’s patented rope mesh system has been scrupulously designed to maximise air space around your boat, providing ventilation and helping to keep the hull and running gear clean.

The only dry-docking system in the world to feature a drainage and ventilation medium.


Special Polymer skin for the barnacle free life.

The SeaPen is designed to be as low-maintenance as possible.

SeaPen’s special polymer skin is one of the only materials in existence that resists barnacle growth when kept in Sea Water. No barnacles, means you never need to remove the SeaPen for cleaning.

SeaPen low profile looks

Low profile looks.

Because SeaPen works at water level it doesn’t detract from the look of your boat, nor will it ruin yours or your neighbours view across the water.

Looking out from your house, you’ll hardly even know the SeaPen is there, tirelessly working to keep your boat in top order.

SeaPen is low profile and won’t detract from your views.

The SeaPen Process, DOCKPRO

Suits all vessels 5 to 30 metres.

Family bow riders. Power Catamarans. Luxury cruising yachts.. We’ve built over 1,000 SeaPens to suit all types of boat and the bottom line is, if it floats, there’s a SeaPen to suit.

Now for the golden question: Which SeaPen fits my boat?