SeaPen is the dry docking choice for Rescue and Patrol Services.

Mar 7, 2022 | Boat Docks, Seapen

Whether it’s sea rescue, Parks and Wildlife, Water Police or border force, all choose SeaPen as their dry docking system of choice, and it is no wonder.

SeaPen keeps the boat clean and barnacle free without lifting it above water level, thus protecting the boat’s hull from ongoing issues caused by marine growth. The SeaPen significantly reduces annual boat maintenance costs that require a boat to be out of the water for short periods. With SeaPen, the vessel is dry-docked at water level allowing the boat to be in prime condition when it’s needed.

The SeaPen is perfectly suited to rescue vessels with its design for universal use, meaning that as boats are upgraded or relocated, the SeaPen can accommodate a wide range of vessels with varying hull designs. It also allows for easier access and integration with marinas and jetties and can be moved as needed.

SeaPen sets itself apart from competitors with its award-winning and internationally recognised design and innovation and now has distinguished itself as the boating industry’s best in class, outperforming other new products within the same category.

In production for almost 20 years and with thousands of units in the water, the SeaPen is the gold standard for dry-docking solutions in Australia. So it is no wonder the SeaPen is considered a revolutionary product. Incorporating high quality patented technologies to dry dock your boat at water level, the SeaPen keeps your boat in pristine condition, with a hull that’s free of anti-foul and marine growth so that you can enjoy your boating lifestyle to the fullest.

Our proud servicemen and women can rest assured knowing their service vessel is ready to go when and where they need it, maximising response times for incidents at sea.

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