The original freestanding hydraulic boat lift

SunLift is the only underwater premium boat lift designed and manufactured by Sunstream (for non-tidal locations)

 Launch or lift your boat within 30 seconds

 Never antifouling again

 Remote-controlled operations

 Solar or AC power options

 Easier to park your boat

 Save on boat maintenance

 Better boat resale value

SunLift is developed by Sunstream™, the largest and most trusted portable boat lift and hoist manufacturer.

SunLift is available for all types of boats

Advanced technology and minimalist design

The Sunstream SunLift™ combines powerful hydraulic technology, durable components and sophisticated engineering to deliver a fast and reliable lifting and launching experience for your boat or personal watercraft. Now you can use your boat as easily as you use your car, and get out on the water more often, with more fun. Remote control with optional motor-stop and guide-on systems make operating and docking easy for even for an inexperienced skipper. Designed with the user in mind, the SunLift™ pioneered the hydraulic freestanding boat lift revolution, and is still known for its reliability, durable construction and safe design. With over sixteen years of service in salt and freshwater environments, the SunLift™ is refined and proven. Sunstream’s wide range of accessories optimises the lift for your specific needs.

   SunLift specifications

Max water fluctuation*


Min water depth**


Max boat length


Max lift capacity

14 500kg

Min slip width***

Greater than boat width

Max wave height


Swing mooring


Fix jetty compatible


*Max water fluctuation during boating season (Model dependent. See specs).  **Min water depth needed under keel of boat (approx.)(Model dependent. See specs).  ***Min slip width (Slips are not required)

SunLift roof system

The roof system available for SunLift is perfect to protect your boat against sun, debris and rain.

Remote-controlled operation

Operate your SunLift with the push of a button. Your docking operation won’t take more than a minute.

SunLift is available for all types of boats

Build your own SunLift

Many accessories are available, SunLift is easy to customise to suits all boat owners needs

  • SwiftShield™ – automatic boat cover system
  • Canopies – protection from sun and debris
  • Guide-ons – easier and safer docking
  • Bow Stop – easier and safer docking
  • Load Guides – lateral guidance
  • Motorstop – positioning fore and aft
  • Catwalk – access to boat
  • Shallow Water Rollers – use in shallow water
  • Powerpack Shelf – mounting of powerpack
  • Lights – underwater, canopy or powerpack lighting
  • Seasonal Wheel Kit
  • TriLift Bunk Kit – enables select models to be modified to accommodate pontoon boats

SunLift FAQ

Is my boat really out of the water?


SunLift keeps the hull of your boat above the water level.

Is SunLift suitable for tidal areas?


SunLift can’t be installed in a tidal area.

Can I flush my motors in the SunLift?


You can flush your motors when the SunLift is in raised position. But keep in mind that the SunLift is not designed to walk on it.

Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Since antifouling paints contain toxic chemicals. The process isn’t environmentally friendly and it’s actually not the best solution against marine and barnacle growth. Not to mention, the paint needs to be removed and reapplied at least once a year and will reduce boat performance.

Dry docking solutions offered by DOCKPRO reduce maintenance costs, retain original boat performance and also increase resale value.

Learn more about antifouling

Can I walk on the SunLift?


The SunLift is not designed to walk on.

How long has Sunstream been around?

Sunstream invented the first hydraulic boat lift in 1996 and then became the global industry leader.

What maintenance is required?

To maintain the constructor warranty it is mandatory to service your SunLift every 12 months.

Can my SunLift be insured?


Most major insurance companies list the SunLift as an accessory of the boat.