Minimalist freestanding hydraulic boat lift.

The SunLift SLX is the result of first-class engineering, manufacturing and technological advancement by Sunstream.

Launch or lift your boat effortlessly

Never antifoul again

Remote-controlled operation

Solar or AC power options available

Dock your boat easily!

Save on boat maintenance costs

Better boat resale value


Wide Water Fluctuation Range

At the heart of a hydraulic lift is the meticulously designed hydraulic system which is critical for superior performance and reliability. Without compromising on its exceptional durability, the SunLift SLX uses a patented shaft boot, stainless steel cylinders, fittings and double braid stainless hoses. The lift uses a premium pressure balance pump rather than a basic fixed gear pump which means the SLX is the quietest lift on the market and has the best performance with up to 20% more efficiency and a higher speed. Most importantly, you can be sure the SLX doesn’t lose lifting capacity over time.

Remote-Controlled Operation & Bluetooth Connection

Operate your SunLift with ease with remote control operation and Bluetooth connection. With a simple push of a button, you can dock your boat in less than a minute.

Sunstream’s optional Bluetooth transmitter and smartphone app give you the flexibility and power to lift your boat with your phone! The app also provides valuable lift data and diagnostics, helping you identify and prevent issues before they arise. The industry-first, highly advanced Bluetooth Technology is more responsive with a consistent range. The built-in security features protect your boat, and the built-in ‘depressurise’ option is ideal for seasonal users.

Custom Boat Fit & Modern Frame

The Sunstream SLX is the only hydraulic lift that has fully adjustable width bunks so you can get the perfect fit for your boat, while the adjustable lifting range means the boat height over water can be set to suit your location. The frame also allows for lateral shift, minimising the distance between the boat and your dock for the safest on and offboarding.

The SunLift SLX offers a modern frame that is minimalist in design and worthy of displaying your boat without compromising your view. The frame has superior sturdiness with a setbolt to remove movement in the leg socket, cylinders aligned with the frame and fewer bolts.
The Sunstream SLX has the highest lifting range and the shallowest water depth with the best range of specifications on the market. It is also the fastest lift on the market, with capacities to 30,000lbs and optional LegJacks to give an additional 3ft of range perfect for some tidal locations and lakes with seasonal fluctuation.

SunLift SLX Specifications


Max water fluctuation*

152 cm59.84 inches

Max boat length


Min berth width

Greater than boat width
Greater than boat width

Swing mooring


Min water depth**

25 cm9.84 inches

Max boat weight

13608 kg30000 lb

Max wave height

60 cm23.62 inches

Fixed jetty compatible


Remote controler


Power options

Solar or AC powerSolar or AC power


Stainless StealStainless Steal

Floating pontoon compatible


*Max water fluctuation during boating season (Model dependent. See specs).  **Min water depth needed plus draft of boat (approx.)(Model dependent. See specs).

SunLift SLX Accessories


Keep your boat protected and access the water faster than ever with the Sunstream SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover. SwiftShield is an easy to use boat cover you will love to use.

Easy Guide Bow Stop

Dock effortlessly, confidently, and safely. Sunstream’s goal post styled bow stop assures your boat is always positioned correctly.

Leg Jacks

Adjust the frame height from above the water with Sunstream’s adjustable LegJacks.


Is my boat really out of the water?

SunLift keeps the hull of your boat above the water level.

Is SunLift suitable for tidal areas?

SunLift is suitable for locations with changing water depths (max water fluctuation: 120cm)

Can I flush my motors in the SunLift?

You can flush your motors when the SunLift is in the raised position. But keep in mind that the SunLift is not designed to be walked upon for safety reasons.

Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Antifouling paints contain toxic chemicals; therefore, the process is not environmentally friendly. Boat owners and experts agree antifouling is not the best solution to protect your boat against marine and barnacle growth as the paint needs to be removed and reapplied at least once a year and can reduce boat performance.

Drydocking solutions offered by DOCKPRO reduce maintenance costs, retain original boat performance and also increase resale value.

Learn more about antifouling

Can I walk on the SunLift?
The SunLift is not designed to walk on.
How long has Sunstream been around?
Sunstream invented the first hydraulic boat lift in 1996 and has since become the global industry leader in boat lift innovation.
What maintenance is required?
Annual service of your SunLift SLX is mandatory to maintain the manufactures warranty.
Can my SunLift be insured?
Most major insurance companies list the SunLift SLX as a boating accessory.
Is the original SunLift still available?

Yes, Sunstream still produce the original SunLift and it can still be delivered and installed in Australia and New Zealand.

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