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Sydney Boat Show 2017

Sydney International Boat Show 2017

Visit DOCKPRO at the Sydney International Boat Show at Stand M54 at the Pyrmont bridge end of the Marina. Let our experienced team show you how we can look after your most prized possessions today! See our product range including the SeaPen™  FloatBricks for Boats  FloatBricks for PWC's  Sunstream™ Boat Lifts and our FloatBricks Industrial walkways and work
Boat Docks Tinny

Easy On and Off for a Tinny

See how easy it is for this 10yr old to get his tinny up! The DOCKPRO winch system allows the boat to be on or off the dock in less than 30 seconds. Contact Us for more info or a quote. [embedyt][/embedyt] Help your kids keep their first boat in top condition with a

SeaPen Article Marine Business

Home and dry in Darwin

The use of dry dock boat storage systems offers a number of environmental benefits, not least the fact that keeping a boat out of the water reduces the need to anti-foul the hull on a regular basis. Keeping the hull clean ensures the boat always operates at optimum efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and improving the
Learn How DOCKPRO Has grown

How Sea Pen Began

The story of how Sea Pen began is a rather interesting one, father and son working together to create a solution for anti-fouling and cleaning their beloved boats. The Gold Coast City Council took a video of our Managing Director, Mark, the son in the father and son duo. He spoke about the trials and