Winch System for Boat Docks

Sep 19, 2019 | Boat Docks, Floatbricks, Product Updates

The FloatBricks winch systems allows the boat to be on or off the dock in less than 1 minute.

Our winch systems designed specifically for FloatBricks

A winch or winch system is a mechanical device that’s used to pull in your boat or other watercraft for loading onto a dock or to release it from the dock for relaunching. This simple mechanism greatly helps in making work easier for the boating enthusiast.

DOCKPRO’s FloatBricks, the simple modular floating docking system that allows your jet skis, personal watercraft (PWC) and boats to easily dry dock, comes with supporting winch systems. They offer the following benefits:

Makes docking and relaunching even more convenient for you. The use of the FloatBricks floating dock system is, by itself, a tremendous convenience. Its winch system partner is sure to further boost its efficiency.

Saves you time. With the aid of the winch system, it takes less than a minute to dock and relaunch. With the small winch, even your young boy can dock a small boat in about 30 seconds.

Convenient to operate. Its ease of operation allows both manually-operated and electric winches to be used by anyone.

Since our winch system is used in conjunction with our FloatBricks system, it’s a given that your boat and watercraft will be dry and well protected from water when docked, as well as all the other benefits you get from the floating dock system.     


We have three winch systems designed specifically for FloatBricks floating docks, to handle different sizes of watercraft:


1- Small winch:

A winch system that’s ideal for a jet ski, boat and other personal watercraft up to 400kg. With the hand crank-activated winch, your boat can be docked well under one minute.

2- Heavy-duty manual winch:

With boat relaunch assistance, ideal for boats up to 1,000kg.

3- Electric winch:

Provided with boat relaunch assistance, ideal for larger boats such as a deck boat and pontoon up to 1,800kg.

With boats up to our specification limits, you can deploy our FloatBricks and winch system and enjoy the maximum boating experience without the hassle of docking and relaunching.

See how easy it is for this 10yr old to get his tinny up!

FloatBricks and the electric winch in action

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