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The most innovative solutions to protect your boat

against barnacle and marine growth


The most innovative solutions to protect your boat against barnacle and marine growth

For Boats Over 6 Metres

SeaPen is the only dry-docking solution that keeps your boat free from barnacles without lifting it out of the water

Modular Docking Solution

The ideal solution for smaller boats, jet skis and any type of personal watercraft.

Jet Ski Docks

Built with
FloatBricks are the most flexible solution for single or multiple jet ski docks.

Platforms & WalkWays

Built with
Create any type of floating platform and walkway with FloatBricks.

Boat Docks

Built with
FloatBricks are a convenient and affordable solution to dry dock smaller boats.

Portable Boat Lifts

Simply tie your boat lift to almost any place you can tie your boat.

Freestanding Boat Lifts

The ideal boat lift solution for non-tidal locations.

Lift your boat higher

The ideal docking system for the most extreme locations.

Freestanding Boat Lifts

A freestanding boat lift solution suitable for tidal locations.

The Best Dry Docking solutions, Floating Walkways & Platforms

“DOCKPRO is the exclusive distributor for SeaPen, FloatBricks, Sunstream and Golden Boat Lifts in Australia and New Zealand.”

DOCKPRO prides itself on the exceptional customer service it provides by supporting clients around Australia, New Zealand and internationally. We ensure stock and parts for all of our products are readily available. DOCKPRO have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Mandurah and Auckland to give our clients a fast turnaround times and great service. With a team of full time technicians working out of head office on the Gold Coast as well as the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth/Mandurah we are well equipped to help you look after your boat or jet ski.

Not sure of the right product for your situation? – No problem! TALK to the experts – DOCKPRO is the No 1 supplier of boat and jet ski docking systems in Australia and New Zealand – We have fully trained professionals who are more than happy to help you with free of charge advice to find the best solution for you.

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SeaPen is a WINNER!
Miami Boat Show’s Innovation Award

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) announced the winners of the 2019 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards during the annual Innovation Breakfast at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. The Miami International Boat Show is recognised as one of the largest boat shows in the international boat show circuit.

With over 17 years of manufacturing and research and development, we are excited to announce the  SeaPen has won the Boat Show’s Innovation Award. DOCKPRO is the first dry-docking company in the world to win this award.