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Water Level Dry-Docking Solutions & Anti-Fouling Alternatives for all Vessels

Never Antifoul Again. Ever.

Boat Dry-Docking & Anti-Fouling Alternatives

Boats Over 6 Metres

The SeaPen is the market leader in water level dry-docking.

SeaPen is the only way of dry-docking your boat at water level, without raising the boat above surface of the water with a boat lift.

Because your boat is a prized possession, mooring your boat in a SeaPen will keep it in pristine condition, with a hull that’s free of marine growth. Every time you take your boat out for a spin, it will feel like a brand new boat.

FloatBricks for jet ski's and boats under 6 metres

PWC's & Boats Under 6m

FloatBricks Modular docks systems are the ideal solution for smaller boats, jet ski’s and any type of personal water craft.

Our range of floating Dry-Docks suits boats up to 1300kg / 6M making these dry-docks well suited to Tinnie’s and small runabouts.

Never a redundant system – It’s worth remembering that whatever model you choose it can be easily added to or customised because FloatBricks are a Modular system.

boat lift, floatlift

Boat Lifts

Sunstream Boat Lifts are the largest portable boat lift and hoist manufacturer. With advanced engineering the boat lifts have many important highlights including: they are easier to use, much more durable, and visually nicer looking.

Sunstream’s expansive range of boat lifts caters for vessels up to 10.8T. The units are built using high-quality marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel and rotomolded polyethylene, and are supported by 240v and solar charging options.

Commercial Walkway

Industrial Projects

Float Bricks are the perfect partner to any floating project. Build walkways across inter-tidal areas, work platforms and barges. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you want a floating structure alongside a fixed jetty or need to get machinery across a body of water, FloatBricks can be configured to make sure your project works seamlessly.

Easily moved from place to place with an outboard motor attached to our outboard bracket.

DOCKPRO is the exclusive distributor for SeaPen Water Level Dry Docking Systems and FloatBricks Modular Floating systems in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. DOCKPRO is also the dealer for Sunstream FloatLifts in Australia and New Zealand.

DOCKPRO prides itself on the exceptional customer service it provides by supporting clients around Australia, New Zealand and internationally to ensure stock and parts for all of our products are readily available. We have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Mandurah and Auckland to give our clients a quick turn around time and great service. With a team of full time technicians working out of head office on the Gold Coast as well as the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth/Mandurah we are very well set up to help you look after your boat or jet ski. We do installations anywhere.

Not sure of the right product for your situation – No problem ! TALK to the experts – DOCKPRO is the No 1 supplier of boat and jet ski docking systems in Australia and New Zealand – We have fully trained professionals who are more than happy to help you with free of charge advice about the best solution for you. Contact Us

The SeaPen is easy to use, low maintenance and suits shallow water conditions. I’ve owned 2 SeaPens with the most recent the 7990 gated unit to suit my Cobalt. The service from Sandra and her team was excellent during the purchase, delivery and installation. I would have no hesitation in referring family and friends to use a SeaPen.Craig F. Springwood, QLD

“The SeaPen is the best investment we have made to our boating lifestyle. My boat is completely dry, sitting at water level making it easy to get on board and go at any time. I would recommend all boat owners to take a look at SeaPen.” –Steven & Carolyn Quinn, 26 Caribbean

Look after your investment in your boat or jet ski and make sure it’s ready to use when your ready to go! We have a team of full time technicians working out of head office on the Gold Coast as well as the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth/Mandurah and are very well set up to help you look after your boat or jet ski. If you’re based in a regional location, that’s easy, give us a call we make regular trips to most regional centres around Australia and New Zealand.

Our team of technicians are fully factory trained and certified to work on your SeaPen, FloatBricks or Sunstream system. They have access to a full range of genuine spare parts, service manuals and years of experience in looking after our products. Be wary of back yard guys who profess to know what they’re doing but cause more trouble and unnecessary expense for you. Contact Us

We offer a full relocation service and have the expertise to make this process run smoothly and easily for you. We can tow if you’re close by (all of our vessels are in survey and are technicians are trained to tow in the right way to minimises any issues], or we dissemble and transport from one area to another and reassemble at your new location.

Our relocation service includes –

The rope up of your vessel, a free of charge rope kit, check the SeaPen is working correctly as well as give you a full handover of how to use your SeaPen as part of our relocation service. Our handover includes how to flush the motors of your boat, maintenance and operation of your SeaPen.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on someone with little experience. Their mistakes.can become expensive for you and they will offer you no recourse.

Call the team of experts at DOCKPRO (07) 5580 4465

Do you know that we also have a selection of factory refurbished second-hand SeaPens available contact us

Have you bought a second hand SeaPen?

Congratulations and welcome to the SeaPen family! Would you like a condition report before you spend the money? Give the office a call to arrange a pre-purchase inspection by one of our factory trained experts (07) 5580 4465

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