Discover Floatliftthe most popular boat lift solution in the world

Simply tie your boat lift to almost any place you can tie your boat: slips, side-ties or even a mooring buoy – Floatlift is 100% Portable! 

Launch or lift your boat within 30 seconds

Never antifoul again

Remote-controlled operations

Solar or AC power options

Easier to park your boat

Save on boat maintenance

Better boat resale value

FloatLift is developed by Sunstream™, the largest and most trusted portable boat lift and hoist manufacturer. 

FloatLift is available for all types of boat

Advanced technology and minimalist design

Visualise using your boat like your car with the unmatched speed, security, versatility and ease of use with the Sunstream FloatLift™. Powerful hydraulics pull the foam-filled polyethylene floats under the boat in as little as 30 seconds with the simple press of a remote control. In the raised position, the virtually unsinkable floats are automatically secured with the patented GravityLock™ system. The floats also make it easy to access your hull and prop for cleaning and maintenance.

Simply tie the FloatLift™ to most places you can secure your boat: slips, side-ties or even a mooring buoy. The DC system can be charged using either solar or AC powered options, while the standard rear guides and remote control make docking incredibly easy.

The Sunstream FloatLift™ is designed for fresh or saltwater, with an aluminium frame, stainless steel hardware, marine-grade hydraulic cylinders with stainless shafts, and marine-grade hoses. The rubber-capped SuperBunks™ are not only durable but provide the ultimate cushioned support for your hull.

Build your own FloatLift

With so many accessories available, FloatLift is easy to customise to suits all boat owner needs

  • SwiftShield™ Automatic Boat Cover
  • HoverCover™ for automatic protection from sun, rain and debris
  • Motorstop for positioning fore and aft
  • HandsFree™ Controller (patented and patents pending)
  • PowerPack shelves for mounting PowerPack to guide-on or dock
  • Universal LED Underwater Lights
  • Tournament Boat Bunk Bracket
  • Catwalk – access to boat
  • Pontoon Kits with and without Ballast System

High-performance hydraulics

Sunstream’s powerful hydraulics pull the floats under the boat in as little as 30 seconds with the remote control. Cleanly charge the DC system with AC or solar options for complete freedom. The FloatLift is always ready for fun.

Designed to set you free, the FloatLift typically needs just 30cm of water under the keel or skeg and the foam filled floats can support the boat on the soft seabed even if the tide goes out. FloatLift’s low-profile floats split high waves so the lift can be used practically anywhere you would moor your boat. Powered by a solar option means you are ready for adventure anywhere.

FloatLift Specifications


Max water fluctuation


Max boat length


Min berth width

Boat width +
30cm for 2700kg
35cm for 4500 – 6800kg
55cm for 10000 – 18000kg
Boat width +
11.8 inches for 5952 lbs
13.8 inches for 9920 – 14991 lbs
21.6 inches for 22046 – 39683 lbs

Swing mooring


Min water depth*

30 cm11.8 inches

Max boat weight

18000 kg39683 lbs

Max wave height

60 cm23.6 inches

Fixed jetty compatible


Remote controler


Power options

Solar or AC powerSolar or AC power


Stainless StealStainless Steal

Floating pontoon compatible


*Min water depth needed under keel of boat (approx.)

Optional Cover

FloatLift has an optional hover cover available to protect your boat against sun, weather, bugs, dust and leaves.

Remote-controlled operation

Operate your FloatLift with the push of a button. Your docking operation will not take more than a minute.

Floatlift FAQ

Is my boat really out of the water?


FloatLift keeps the hull of your boat above the water level.

Can I flush my motors in the FloatLift?


When raised, the floats provide a walking platform to easily access engines and the hull.

Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Antifouling paints contain many toxic chemicals. This process is not environmentally friendly and it’s actually not the best solution against marine and barnacle growth. The paint also needs to be removed and reapplied at least once a year and reduces boat performance.

Dry docking solutions offered by DOCKPRO reduce maintenance costs, ensure original boat performance and also increase the resale value.

Learn more about antifouling

Can I walk on the FloatLift?


When the FloatLift is in a raised position it is safe to walk on.

How long has Sunstream been around?

Sunstream invented the first hydraulic boat lift in 1996 and then became the global industry leader.

What maintenance is required?

To maintain the constructor warranty, it is mandatory to service your FloatLift every 12 months.

Can my FloatLift be insured?


Most major insurance companies list the Floatlift as an accessory of the boat.

FloatLift is available for all types of boat