SeaPen is the only dry-docking solution that keeps your boat free from barnacle without lifting it

 Dry dock at water level

 Never antifouling again

 Better performance

 Easier to park your boat

 Saving on boat maintenance

 Better resale value


How much does a SeaPen cost for my boat?

Glide in, Glide out

With a touch of a single button, the SeaPen rear gate drops open to let your ship off on the water. To dock, simply drive into the SeaPen,  activate the gate and the pump will automatically take care of the rest.

Go ahead, step on it

Yes, you can step on it without a problem. The SeaPen is built sturdy and strong. Its high-density polyethylene frame material allows a 360-degree walkable access. An aluminium walkway is also available as an option.

Yes, it’s really dry

The combination of quality marine-grade materials and breakthrough technology to maximize airflow, allow water to be easily pumped away from your boat, leaving your hull to dry in no time.

Go where traditional lifts can’t

You can take it with you, install it anywhere, and keep your scenic view. The many benefits and the adaptability SeaPen offers have marinas and condo associations moving to it as a perfect alternative to the traditional lifts.

How much does a SeaPen cost for my boat?


DOCKPRO built more than 2500 SeaPen across Australia and New Zealand. SeaPen is designed to suits all types of personal & commercial watercrafts

How much does a SeaPen cost for my boat?

   SeaPen specifications

Max water fluctuation*


Min water depth**


Longest SeaPen Done

23 metres

Max weight capacity


Min slip width***

3.2 metres

Max wave height


Swing mooring


Fix / floating jetty compatible


*Max water fluctuation during boating season (Model dependent. See specs).  **Min water depth needed under keel of boat (approx.)(Model dependent. See specs).  ***Min slip width (Slips are not required)


Optimum Air Space for a hull that can breathe.

SeaPen’s patented rope mesh system has been scrupulously designed to maximise air space around your boat, providing ventilation and helping to keep the hull and running gear clean.

The only dry-docking system in the world to feature a drainage and ventilation medium.

Low profile to preserve the look of your boat

Because SeaPen works at water level it doesn’t detract from the look of your boat, nor will it ruin yours or your neighbours view across the water.

Looking out from your house, you’ll hardly even know the SeaPen is there, tirelessly working to keep your boat in top order.


Special Polymer skin for the barnacle free life.

The SeaPen is designed to be as low-maintenance as possible.

SeaPen’s special polymer skin is one of the only materials in existence that resists barnacle growth when kept in sea water. It is also most likely you’ll never have to remove your SeaPen for cleaning.


Customisable Entry for Reverse Entry or Side Entry. Any Boat. Any Drive System. Any Berthing Configuration. Multihull friendly. Deep keel? not a problem. The SeaPen classic unit dry-docks them all.

SeaPen FAQ

Is my boat really out of the water?

SeaPen features a special polymer skin that isolates your boat from the water surrounding. Our patented Rope Mesh technology creates an air space all the way around the hull and running gear of your boat. Yes, your boat is out of the water when dry-docked in a SeaPen.

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Can I flush my motors in the SeaPen?

Keeping your motor performing in top condition is vital to you and in order to do this, it’s best to flush your motor after each use. This process is easy in a SeaPen; you can either attach flushing muffs or better still, you can part-fill the SeaPen with fresh water until it’s above the motor intakes and then simply idle the motor in neutral.

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Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Antifouling is a product intended to inhibit marine growth and is formulated with toxic copper, organotin compounds, or other biocides. Antifouling doesn’t stop marine growth from occurring in the long-term and decreases your boat performance when applied.

Furthermore, it has to be removed and re-applied on a regular basis. All this leads to a significant outlay of time and money with few benefits that improve your boating lifestyle

SeaPen is the market-leading alternative. By dry-docking your boat at water level in a SeaPen, you eliminate the risk of marine growth occurring on your boat. This allows you to keep a gel-coated boat at water level, without fear of it being damaged by marine life.

Sea Pen’s advanced dry-docking technology means every time you take your boat out it will perform like new with a growth-free hull for maximum efficiency. Not antifouling your boat will also help maintain the boat’s market resale value

Never Antifoul Again. Ever.

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Can I walk on the SeaPen?

Whilst you should always take care walking on a water-bound object, the SeaPen has been designed to support your weight. You can walk on the frame, skin & rope mesh providing you take care.

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What does the green rope mesh do?

SeaPen’s patented rope mesh is crucial to the dry-docking process and serves 3 primary functions.

1. It creates an air gap between the hull of the boat and the skin of the SeaPen – the crucial ventilation stage in the dry-docking process.

2. It protects the SeaPen skin from the sharp points of the boat; propellers, trim-tabs etc.

3. It gives the SeaPen structural strength, with a breaking strain of 76,000 kg per square metre.

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How long has the SeaPen been around?

The first SeaPen prototypes were installed in the mid 1990’s and full-time production commenced in 2004. Since then, over 2,500 SeaPens have been installed across Australia and the rest of the world.

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What maintenance is required?

There is very little maintenance involved with the SeaPen. The key points are:

1. Rinse fresh water through the SeaPen. Every time you rinse down your boat, it will rinse fresh water through the SeaPen

2. There is a sacrificial anode attached to the SeaPen bilge system that needs checking and periodically replacing.

3. We recommend annual preventive services to extend the life of the SeaPen.

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Can my SeaPen be insured?

With all these storms around its important for you to know that SeaPen’s can be insured. Most major insurers list them as an accessory to the boat. Contact us on (+61) 7 5580 4465 if you need help locating your serial number to insure your SeaPen.

How much does a SeaPen cost for my boat?

SeaPen is a WINNER! – Miami Boat Show’s Innovation Award

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) announced the winners of the 2019 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards during the annual Innovation Breakfast at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. The Miami International Boat Show is recognised as one of the largest boat shows in the international boat show circuit.

With over 17 Years of manufacturing and R&D we are happy to announce the latest 2019 Model SeaPen has won Boat Show’s Innovation Award. DOCKPRO is the first dry docking company in the world to win this and we are pleased to announce the SeaPen is now available in the USA.


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