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“Sunstream is the largest and most trusted portable boat lift and hoist manufacturer in the world”

Our partnership with Sunstream

Founded in 1966, Sunstream is proud to be the leader in hydraulic freestanding lifts, free-floating lifts, and automatic boat cover systems. Sunstream’s founder, Ken Hey, used his decade of aircraft engineering at Boeing and McDonnell Douglas and coupled it with his Masters of Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University to bring the most advanced designs to the marine industry. Ken was honoured as a two time award winner for Boeing’s top patents of the year, as well as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. A life-long boater, he has a passion to utilise his skills to make boating more fun and practical for today’s fast-paced world. Sunstream was a logical choice to add to the DOCKPRO portfolio, fitting well with our philosophy that boating should be “Less Work and More Fun.”

Our partnership with Sunstream

Portable Boat Lifts

Simply tie your boat lift to almost any place you can tie your boat.

Freestanding Boat Lifts

The ideal boat lift solution for non-tidal locations.


DOCKPRO offers the widest range of boat dry docking solutions available. We are exclusive distributor of SeaPen, FloatBricks, Sunstream and Golden Boat Lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Talk to our team if you are not sure what the best docking system is for your boat and your location.