Four-Post Boat Lift – a freestanding boat lift solution suitable for tidal locations

Suitable for waves and strong current environments

Attractive design

Never worry about antifouling again

Strong aluminium structure

Available with Flat Plate or Golden Sea-Drives

Manufactured in the USA

The Four-Post Lift is custom built for your boat

Perfect for marinas

The Four-Post Boat Lift ticks all the marina requirements: Ease of use, attractive design, freestanding and suitable for tidal locations. Many marinas around the world are already fully equipped with this revolutionary boat lift solution.

Suitable for most locations

The Four-Post Boat Lift is able to lift boats higher than other traditional freestanding boat lifts. Our team can install your lift in raft water and tidal locations . This is the perfect freestanding boat lift for most Australian docking locations.

Boat lift for sailboats

Of all our dry docking  solutions, the Four-Post Boat Lift is the most suitable for sail boats. It is wide enough to guarantee the maximum stability necessary for your boat and it can be specifically designed with a passage for the keel.

Eight posts for larger boats

The Four-Post Boat Lift is suitable for boat up to 13 500kg. If your boat is larger, Golden also build the Eight-Post Boat Lift for boats of any size up to 105 000kg. Contact the DOCKPRO team for more information.

The Four-Post Lift is custom built for your boat

Golden Four-Post Boat Lift Design & Features

DOCKPRO is a proud partner of Golden Boat Lifts. We offer the best Four-Post Boat Lift solutions for Australian boat owners.

 Capabilities range from 2,000kg to 13,500kg

All non-adjustable parts are welded

Pre-wound and assembled beams

Pre-assembled cradle beams

 Pulleys with grease fittings

Available with Flat Plate or Golden Sea-Drives®

Stainless steel or painted motors

Grooved aluminium cable winders

All hardware and cables are 300 series stainless steel

The Four-Post Lift is custom built for your boat

Want to know if a Four-Post Lift will suit your boat?

Golden Boat Lifts are the world’s leading custom boat lift manufacturer. The Golden Four-Post Boat Lift was designed with all types of watercraft in mind.


The Four-Post Lift is custom built for your boat

Four-Post Boat Lift Specifications


Max water fluctuation


Min water depth*

50 cm
19.7 inches

Remote controler


Max boat length


Max boat weight

100000 kg
220462 lbs

Power options

AC power
AC power

Min berth width

Boat width + 1 metreBoat width + 39.37 inches

Max wave height



6061 Aluminium6061 Aluminium

Swing mooring


Fixed jetty compatible


Floating pontoon compatible


*Min water depth needed plus draft of boat (approx.) Model dependent.

Four Post Boat Lifts FAQ

Can I flush my motors on the Four-Post Boat Lift?

Yes. Once your boat is raised on the lift, the engine(s) will be out of the water. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not secure to walk on the boat lift.

Why shouldn't I antifoul my boat?

Antifouling paints contain many toxic chemicals. This process is not environmentally friendly and nor is it the best solution to protect your boat against marine and barnacle growth. Antifouling requires the paint to be removed and reapplied at least once a year and reduces your overall boat performance.

Dry docking solutions offered by DOCKPRO reduce maintenance costs, ensure original boat performance and also increase the resale value.

Learn more about antifouling

Can I walk on the Four-Post Boat Lift?

Whilst the Four-Post Lift can easily support your weight, for safety reasons it is not recommended to walk on it.


How long has Golden Boat Lifts been around?

Golden Boat Lifts have been building boat lifts in the USA for more than 35 years.

In 2020, DOCKPRO became a proud distributor of Golden Boat Lifts making the revolutionary Elevator Boat Lifts accessible to Australian boat owners for the first time.


What maintenance is required?

To maintain the manufacturing warranty, the Golden Boat Lift requires a compulsory annual service.


Can my Four-Post Boat Lift be insured?

Yes. Most major insurance companies list lifts as an accessory of the boat.

The Four-Post Lift is custom built for your boat