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Borne From A Boating Necessity

The ideal storage facility for your boat in the water, DOCKPRO’s boat lifting systems allow dry-docking of your vessel – whether it’s a 8-metre cruiser using a SeaPen or a 3-metre tinny on one of our FloatBricks – without the hassle of having to lift the boat out of the water.

DOCKPRO provides FloatBricks and SeaPens that have been manufactured by SeaPen on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast since 2004. DOCKPRO’s products are anti-fouling alternatives that are backed by premium quality components and strict manufacturing standards, along with the industry know how that comes from having been in development since 1997.

You’ll find DOCKPRO and its manufacturing company SeaPen nestled in the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in picturesque Coomera. Gold Coast City Marina is a well-established commercial and manufacturing centre for many major boat brands and a hub for the marine industry. While DOCKPRO’s boat dry docking is compatible with all brands of watercraft, some of the well-known boating brands you’ll find at the marina include Riviera, Maritimo and Telwater with Quintrex and Stacer.

The friendly professional team at DOCKPRO invites all clients to drop into our Gold Coast factory to see firsthand how the revolutionary SeaPen dry-dock is made – and to check out our reasonable boat dock prices.

We are specialists in the dry-docking of recreational and commercial vessels and are passionate about helping our clients look after their prized possession …their boat. Whether you have a 100ft super yacht, a tinnie or a Personal Water Craft (PWC) we have a dry-docking solution to fit your needs.

SeaPen went into full time production of the SeaPen in 2004 and in 2007 DOCKPRO was established.  Both companies are based at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct Coomera Australia. Dockpro is the exclusive world-wide distributor of ‘SeaPen – Advanced Dry Docking Technology’ for all types of boat up to around 30 metres / 100 feet in length. Our in-house modular docking system, FloatBricks – The Original is the ultimate in floating versatility and can be used to build everything from PWC and tinnie docks, to expansive floating walkway systems.

Our team has over 35 years of combined experience in dry-docking and is always on hand to discuss your needs.

SeaPen – The world market leader in water level dry-docking technology

Dockpro SeaPen about us

The journey begins

The first prototypes of the SeaPen were installed in 1997 after a great deal of research and development. The first designs featured blue PVC as a primary material, which was quickly scrapped in favour of more durable materials, designed for use in the marine environment.


Unique Rope Mesh System

From day one, the very first SeaPen featured our unique Rope Mesh system to assist drainage and create ventilation around the boat. In 1997, SeaPen became the first ever dry-docking system that worked exclusively at water level.

Dockpro SeaPen about us

SeaPen for Catamaran

Never one to shy away from a challenge, the team completed the first ever SeaPen for a Catamaran in the first year of research & development. Before this SeaPen, it had never been possible to dry-dock a catamaran at water level.

Dockpro SeaPen Rope mesh

Up-scaling the operation

As demand grew and grew, SeaPen set out to design an industrial loom to custom weave the patented Rope Mesh, unique to the SeaPen.

DOCKPRO was established in 2007 as the exclusive sales & marketing agent for SeaPen, with both companies operating out of the same premises.

Dockpro SeaPen about us, Leopard Cat

Reverse and Side Entry

With demand increasing for different styles of boat in different, the SeaPen was designed for reverse and side entry, making water level dry-docking a reality for even more boat owners.

Dockpro SeaPen about us

For Big Boats

With several outstanding years under their belt, DOCKPRO & SeaPen built and installed a side-entry SeaPen for an 85 foot monohull boat; the largest boat ever dry-docked at water level.