About Us

We are dry-docking solution experts.

“We develop, build and distribute the most innovative systems to protect your boat against barnacle and marine growth.”

Whether you have a 100ft superyacht, a jet ski or any type of Personal Water Craft (PWC), we have a dry-docking solution to fit your needs. Our quality products are a sensation among boat lovers in Australia, New Zealand and internationally for their unmatched performance and quality.

Our headquarters and the factory are established on the Gold Coast but we also have warehouses and installation teams in Melbourne, Sydney, Mandurah and Auckland. We ensure the fastest turnaround possible to our customers, Australia and New Zealand wide.

Our industry-acclaimed and award-winning products are complemented by our staff with a passion for excellence in customer service. Our boating expert personnel will walk the extra mile in the name of quality service. We believe that you, our customers, deserve nothing less than the finest service we can ever provide, including after-sales support.



Providing the best dry docking solutions to boat and jetski owners. We have a full range of products that suit all types of boats and docking locations.

DOCKPRO is the exclusive distributor of SeaPen, FloatBricks,  Sunstream, and Golden Boat Lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Start to protect your boat against barnacle and marine growth today!

Our Best Selling Products

SeaPen is the only dry-docking solution that keeps your boat free from barnacles without lifting it out of the water.
The perfect solution to dry dock smaller boats or create any type of floating platform or walkway.
FloatLift is the most popular portable boat lift solution in the world. It can lift boats up to 18,000 kgs.



The first water-level dry-docking system is invented

The story started in 1997 from a simple idea: create a system to protect boat hulls from barnacle and marine growth while docked at the marina. Mark Barber and his dad built the first SeaPen in their backyard. A few years later, hundreds of SeaPens were being built in their first factory on the Gold Coast.

DOCKPRO was established

Mark Barber and his team wanted to be able to develop and distribute other docking products to boat owners. DOCKPRO was established in 2007 to become the exclusive distributor of SeaPen and a full range of other innovative dry docking solutions.

Modular Floating Bricks launched in Australia

FloatBricks is another of DOCKPROs best-selling products. While a SeaPen is perfect to dry dock almost any type of boat over 6 metres, FloatBricks are a smart alternative to dry dock smaller boats and jet skis. It is also a revolutionary modular system to build all kinds of Floating Projects.

Australia and NZ wide expansion

From day one, DOCKPRO was able to produce, deliver and install products Australia wide. But in 2012 the process became more structured with warehouses and full-time installer teams in major Australian and New Zealand Cities : Melbourne, Sydney, Mandurah (Perth) and Auckland.

DOCKPRO become the exclusive Sunstream distributor in Australia and NZ.

The next unavoidable step was to complete the range with other renowned boat lift solutions. DOCKPRO partnered with the world leader in the portable boat lift industry (Sunstream) to be able to distribute FloatLift and SunLift in Australia and New Zealand.

Expansion to the USA

SeaPen and FloatBricks are now available in the USA under DOCKPRO corp. and Solstice Docking Solutions. After only a few months on the US market, SeaPen won the 2019 Miami international boat show award. DOCKPRO proudly keeps the SeaPen production in Australia.

Brand new factory and an exciting partnership with Golden Boat Lifts

DOCKPRO started the year in a brand new factory in Nerang (Gold Coast), allowing us to triple the production space. We are also proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with Golden Boat Lifts. Golden is an impressive addition to our dry-docking products range.


And the story continues

The Covid-19 crisis has been challenging for all of us, and at DOCKPRO, we had to rethink our entire production and supply process. But this didn’t stop us from working tirelessly on new innovations. In May 2022, we’ve launched a version of the SeaPen: The Platinum Serie!


DOCKPRO offers the widest range of boat dry docking solutions available. We are exclusive distributor of SeaPen, FloatBricks, Sunstream and Golden Boat Lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Talk to our team if you are not sure what would be the best docking system for your boat and your location.