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SeaPen (hereinafter referred to as “SeaPen”) hereby declares and the prospective purchaser of the SeaPen Dry Dock product hereby acknowledges and accepts the limitations of use of the SeaPen product as set out below.

Purpose of the SeaPen:

The primary purpose of the SeaPen Dry Docking product is to prevent marine growth and reduce maintenance of the Vessel’s surfaces that would otherwise normally be under water.

Limitations of Use:

Specifications are based upon your location: Local environmental factors such water depth, current and wave action (height and period) affect the SeaPen’s design and operation. We have designed the SeaPen specifically for the environmental characteristics of your location. The warranty of our product is limited to your ownership and the SeaPen Dry Dock’s original installation by our factory trained staff in the location you specified in your order.

Staining: Some hull construction materials and water contents permit staining of hulls. SeaPen Dry Docks will not prevent this.

Corrosion: The SeaPen Dry Dock will not prevent corrosion inside or outside your boat. As to all covers, surfaces, hull shells, fittings, equipment and propulsion plants such as outboard, stern drives and in general all systems, they must be flushed, rinsed and maintained as though the boat is berthed without the benefit of the SeaPen Dry Dock. Anodic protection such as connecting a groper anode will help to prevent corrosion.

Osmosis blistering: Fibreglass is not necessarily waterproof and osmotic blistering is due to water and moisture penetration into hull materials.

Many hulls, for example those made of polyester resin fibreglass, are made of materials that are not fully waterproof or moisture proof. The inability to withstand water / moisture on hulls is evidenced by boat manufacturer’s limit on warranty coverage for osmotic blistering generally limited to five years or less. Since your boat will be in water when it is being used it may be vulnerable to osmosis. SeaPen Dry Docks do not prevent osmosis. Coating systems are available to make the hull of your boat waterproof, which when effective, will prevent osmotic blistering.

Working Platform and Trim: The SeaPen is meant to dry-dock your boat only. It is not to be used as a working platform, nor is the SeaPen designed to alter the on water trim of the boat.