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Australia’s most trusted docking solutions are now available in the USA!

Discover Solstice Docking Solutions, our American partner.

Solstice Docking Solutions are passionate about the water. Being avid boaters, floaters, swimmers and divers, they created a family of docking solutions that ensure you can spend more time on the water with ease!

Sharing the same ethos as DOCKPRO, Solstice and DOCKPRO became affiliated in 2018.

Sick of antifoul and the relentless maintenance involved as boat owners, they loved the simplicity of the SeaPen. In less than six months of bringing SeaPens innovation to the US, the SeaPen won a Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. The relationship between DOCKPRO and Solstice Docking Solutions was cemented.

At DOCKPRO, we make boating easy, and we are dedicated to working with like-minded businesses so that you can access the best innovative dry docking solutions just like the SeaPen.

Solstice Docking Solutions is our U.S. Based Distributor

Less work! More Fun!

SeaPen is the only dry-docking solution that keeps your boat free from barnacles without lifting it out of the water.
SeaPen is built strong to last, and the high-density polyethylene frame material allows for 360-degree walkable access.

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Modular Docking Solution

FloatBricks are designed with an anti-slip tread to maximise traction and minimise risk making them the safest option for your floating project.
FloatBricks docks allow you to drive on and off in seconds to get out and have fun on your boat or jet ski quickly and safely.

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