Modular design, endless possibilities…

FloatBricks are perfect for jet ski docks, small boat docks or floating platforms and walkways

  • Be out on the water in seconds. “Jump on & GO!”
  • Keep your boat or jetski out of the water
  • Park multiple crafts on the same dock
  • Simply add or reconfigure bricks as needed
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Commercially certified and affordable

Do you have a FloatBricks Project In Mind?

Single or multiple jet ski dock

Keeps your jet ski(s) completely out of the water. You can easily add more bricks for extra docking space. Our unique storage brick allows you to store items, like your jet ski cover, or ropes while you are out on the water.


Easily customised, safe & affordable!

Whether you want a floating structure alongside a fixed jetty or need to get machinery across a body of water, FloatBricks can be configured to make sure your project works seamlessly. Our team is available to plan your project with you.

Walk on the water with FloatBricks

FloatBricks have been designed with an anti-slip tread on their surface to maximise traction and minimise risk. Whether for peace of mind or health and safety compliance, FloatBricks integrated handrail system is the ideal solution.

Dry dock your boat up to 8 Metres

FloatBricks docks allow you to drive on and off in seconds to get out and have fun on your boat. Our stabilisation systems mean your dock will not sag or bow over time and keep your boat well clear of the water.

Do you have a FloatBricks Project In Mind?

Easy to assemble yourself 

Because FloatBricks are completely modular, it’s easy to extend or reconfigure your drive-on dock if you upgrade your boat or exchange it for something different. Maybe it’s time for the kids to have their first tinny? Not a problem, you can dry-dock it in a drive-on parking space next door to your vessel.

Some Projects Made With FloatBricks

FloatBricks are safe, durable and commercially certified. Do not hesitate to contact your docking solution expert today to discuss your floating project.

Do you have a FloatBricks Project In Mind?

FloatBricks Specifications


Max water fluctuation


Min water depth


Remote controler


Max boat length*

Up to 8 metres 26 feet 3 inches

Max boat weight

Up to 1800kg
Up to 3968 lbs

Power options**

No power neededNo power needed

Min berth width

1.5 metres
5 feet

Max wave height

60 cm
23.6 inches


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Swing mooring


Fixed jetty compatible


Floating pontoon compatible


*FloatBricks is suitable for most boats under 8 metres and might be suitable for longer boats if weight under 1 800kg. **AC power required for the FloatBricks 240V Electric Winch.

Amphibious by nature.

Need to cross mud or sand at low tide? FloatBricks aren’t just designed to float; their tough HDPE construction and modular design make them as at home on land as they are on water. If the water plain dries out at low tide, you need not worry, even if there’s a load on your FloatBricks.

Barges and work platforms.

Ideal for transporting people or machinery across water, FloatBricks can be used to build movable barges / work platforms. Move them from place to place with an outboard motor attached to our outboard bracket. This versatile accessory makes moving around a marina, lake or waterway as easy as riding a bike.

No gap system.

Safety first, our no gap system will keep you and your family safe.

No gaps are also really important for structural reasons – leaving gaps compromises the structural integrity of your jet ski or PWC and ends up leaving your watercraft sitting in the water in a short space of time. Not what you want!

FloatBricks Winch Systems

DOCKPRO provides 3 winch systems specifically designed for FloatBricks docks:

  1. Small winch: Ideal for jet ski or boats up to 400kg
  2. Heavy-duty manual winch: With boat relaunch assistance, ideal for boats up to 1000kg.
  3. Electric winch: With boat relaunch assistance, ideal for boats up to 1800kg.

FloatBricks FAQ

Are FloatBricks available Australia & NZ wide?


We have warehouses on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Mandurah and Auckland.

We can also ship and install Australia and New Zealand wide

Can I install FloatBricks myself?


FloatBricks are a simple system to build and can be assembled easily by anyone with some hands-on know-how.

Instructions can be emailed to you on request.

This video provides an overview of how to assemble the FloatBricks – The Original.

Click here to watch the video


What is the warranty?

FloatBricks are supplied with a five year DOCKPRO manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defect, ex-Factory. Accessories have one year warranty.

How long have FloatBricks been around?

FloatBricks were launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2007 by DOCKPRO and we’ve installed hundreds of successful projects since then.

What maintenance is required?

No maintenance is required for Floatbricks

Do you have a FloatBricks Project In Mind?

FloatBricks are commercially certified 

FloatBricks are the only modular docking system available in Australia that have been commercially certified by engineers to the Australian Safety Standards.

DOCKPRO have installed FloatBricks on many industrial projects including bridge work and mines right through to tourism events. If you require a floating project for your organisation, nothing is more important than the safety of the people walking on it.

FloatBricks are the right answer when it comes to the high standard of quality and safety required in Australia.