Easy steps to maintain your boat in a SeaPen

How to Maintain Your Boat in a Seapen

Oct 6, 2020 | Boat Docks, Product Updates, Seapen

Wondering how you can utilise the unique features of your SeaPen to maintain your boat?

The SeaPen enables you to keep you boat clean and barnacle free without lifting it above water level, thus protecting the boat’s hull from ongoing issues caused by marine growth, and significantly reducing annual boat maintenance costs.  Mooring your boat in a SeaPen ensures you will enjoy many years of hassle-free boating pleasure.

The SeaPen gated unit has been designed with ease of use in mind and whilst a SeaPen replaces the need for antifouling and minimises boat maintenance costs, we do recommend some very basic good housekeeping practices that can help extend the lifetime of both your boat and your SeaPen.

How do I flush my stern drive motors in a SeaPen?

As Stern drive motors draw Salt Water in for the purpose of cooling, it is recommended that you flush your motors after use and SeaPen makes this an incredibly easy process.

  1. Turn your control box off at the mains. This will allow water to collect in your SeaPen whilst you fill your pen.
  2. Fill the cavity around your stern drive with fresh water via a hose from the closest fresh water source.
  3. Once the water intake of your stern drive is submerged in water, keep the hose running and simply switch your motors on and leave them to idle for the period of time suggested by their manufacturer. Once completed, switch your motor off.
  4. Many stern drive motors can also be fitted with an external flush kit to allow easy flushing of the leg.
  5. Lastly, set the control box to “drain” to remove all the water from your SeaPen.

How do I hose down my boat in a SeaPen?

To maintain your boat, we recommend you hose down your boat after each trip, to remove any salt crystals.  This prevents a buildup of salt and can help prolong the life of both your boat and your SeaPen.

Here’s how:

  1. Simply switch the control box to off at the mains. This will allow water to collect in your SeaPen whilst you wash the boat down, effectively rinsing your SeaPen and boat of any salt build-up.
  2. Wash your boat down with fresh water.
  3. Once you’re happy your boat has been washed down switch your control box on at the mains to automatically drain any water from your SeaPen. Leave your control box switched on and the process is complete.

There you have it!  SeaPen really is Less work and more fun!  If you would like to learn more about SeaPen, hit the contact tab and send us a message.  One of our friendly team will be happy to give you a call!


Top Tips:

If you choose to use any boat cleaning products, we recommend you use a biodegradable, non-toxic product to help protect the marine environment.

The frame of your SeaPen is incredibly buoyant and can support your weight, however the surface will be slippery when wet, and care should be taken if you choose to walk around your boat using the frame. Hold on to the boat at all times, and tread carefully to avoid losing your footing.  For this reason, we recommend adding our optional aluminium walkways for safety.

So, as you can see, maintaining your boat in a SeaPen, really is as simple as 1,2,3!  With full 360 degree walkable access, you can maintain your boat with ease.

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