The New SeaPen SQ

Jan 7, 2019 | Boat Docks, Product Updates, Seapen

Introducing the New SeaPen SQ


At DOCKPRO, we’re continuously improving our products and offerings to cater to the growing demands of our customers. Our goal is to provide high-quality, highly functional, and advanced dry-docking solutions for boat owners.

That is why we are happy to launch the new SeaPen SQ!

In 2018 and 2019, our development team has been working hard to add more features and upgrade the overall design of the classic SeaPen. The new version is built to be more universal and to fit the new wave of boat models and hull designs, thus reducing docking operation time.

Note that the new SeaPen doesn’t replace the classic SeaPen. Instead, they are 2 different models with different features. The new SeaPen will be ideal for some types of boat and situations, but may not be suitable for some specific cases.


Key Features of the New SeaPen SQ

– Square Front

The new SeaPen is designed with a square front for easier access and better integration with marina and private jetties. This modern design minimises the water volume inside the SeaPen, thus reducing docking operation time, as well as pump effort.


– Fits New Wave of Boat Models

The modern design and shape of the new SeaPen ideally matches the hull designs of newer boat models. Many new boats are designed with a shallower hull, which makes the new SeaPen HQ perfect for accommodating the new generation of boats.


– Universal

When we were building the new SeaPen SQ, we were thinking about catering to a broader market of boat owners. We wanted to make it more universal, so it can accommodate more types of boats with varying hull designs.

The new SeaPen SQ is easier to reuse with a different boat. For reselling purposes, it’s easier to offer than the Classic SeaPen which is specifically designed for certain boat models.

The new SeaPen SQ suits most Mono Hulls, Catamarans and Pontoon Boats


– Affordable

As we wanted to cater to more boat owners, the new SeaPen SQ is usually cheaper than the Classic SeaPen as it doesn’t require a specific design. It truly is an affordable solution for a high level of protection for your boats!


– Remote Control

As with all models, the new SeaPen SQ comes with a remote control.


New SeaPen SQ vs Classic SeaPen


While the new SeaPen SQ is intended to be more universal, there are a couple of cases where the new model cannot replace the Classic SeaPen. Here is a list of these specific situations:

1. The Classic SeaPen is designed for specific models of boats and hull designs. If the boat has a deep hull, the new SeaPen SQ will not be suitable.

2. The Classic SeaPen suits shaft drive, IPS or keelboats.

3. The Classic SeaPen has options for side and front entries, which are not available in the new SeaPen SQ.

4. The Classic SeaPen is recommended in areas with stronger currants and high traffic.


In Conclusion


The new SeaPen SQ is an alternative of the Classic SeaPen. Both are advanced and highly functional solutions to dry docking and protection of boats.  If you are interested in getting one, our team will be more than happy to assist you and discuss which SeaPen is the best option for your boat and location.

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